Keeping a building safe from intruders and unauthorized individuals is a top priority for every property owner around the world – both residential and commercial. As such, a lot of money is spent on boosting the security of buildings to make them more burglar-proof. Now, to help you get value for your money with the lock installations, repairs, and maintenance, here are useful tips and tricks from seasoned locksmiths in Benoni.

Change Locks of Your new Home

Whenever you move into a new home or office building, be sure to rekey or replace the locks immediately. Failure to do so puts your home at risk of being invaded by strangers since the previous owner might still have spare keys; and could have given an extra key to a neighbour, contractor, or a family member – people who you have no business or relationship with.

Deadbolts, Windows and Locks

Deadbolts help to boost protection of your home significantly. Get a qualified locksmith to help you purchase the best and have it installed immediately. In case there is a window nearby, the deadbolt lock must be the double cylinder type which can only be opened by a key. Never leave the key sitting in the lock.

The Doors Must Sturdy Doors

The best lock system in the world is of no use when installed on a weak door. Solid wood or steel would make the perfect material for the door since they can’t be broken into easily.

Hiding places

Hiding your door key under the door mat, flower pot, rocks and other obvious places within the 10 feet surrounding of your home is risky because those are the first areas a burglar will search. It isn’t a big secret anymore. The safe options would be to give a spare key to a friend or trustworthy neighbour.


Now when it comes to getting a locksmith to handle the job, you must be very specific on who you contract. In an industry filled with frauds masquerading as professionals, it is important to take your time to find a qualified, trustworthy, and experienced lock technician to handle your home security needs. A reputable locksmith helps you to get work done fast, and efficiently.

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